Oct 15, 2018

Taxishare August Promotion [Ended]


Taxishare August Promotion


***FLASH DEAL PROMOTION*** Hari Raya Promotion!

> Enjoy a total savings of $38 (inclusive of rebate of $5.60) when you make a booking of 4 consecutive days from 19 to 23 Aug 2018. The savings will be credited to your e-wallet by 31 Aug 2018

***SPECIAL AUGUST 2018 PROMOTIONS*** Promotion (A): Taxi Share Bundle Promo - Get an instant 8% discount when you book a minimum of 4 consecutive days from now to 1st August to 31st August 2018!

Promotion (A-Plus): Receive an additional $9.80 rebate if you book on this fixed dates: 8 to 13 August 2018 (Only valid for users who booked this dates) & users who booked 6 or more days which inclusive of the period from 8 to 13 August 2018).

Rebate will be credited to your e-wallet by 24 August 2018.


Promotion (B): Tiered Rebate for Casual Tier decreased from 80 to minimum booking of 60 hours to qualify for Tiered rebates! Note that daily rate will not be computed for Tiered rebate hours.


Promotional rates (Usual Rental Rate: UP - $12.80 / hour) Please refer to new rates effective from 7th May: Here

Promotion (2):

Daily Rate (Per Day) (Usual Daily Rate: UP - $138 / day)

Monday & Tuesday @ $95

Wednesday @ $105

Thursday @ $110

Friday & Eve PH @ $120

Saturday @ $110

Sun & PH @ $95

*Hours Clocked under daily rate * promotions package will not be computed for Tiered Rebate Scheme*

Promotion (3)

Weekly Rate Scheme (Usual Weekly Rate: $966 / week)

From as low as $665 per week

Weekly Rate (e.g. Book 7 days straight from any day on wards) - It will be based on a promotional* rate

Do note for weekly rate, it will have to be based on 7 days in a row and any break in between, it will be based on daily rate calculation. Do refer to the guide of booking scenario for more information.

Promotion (4)

Tiered Rabate Scheme (Lowered qualifications and increment of rebates)

Casual Tiered Rebate from $0.35/hr (NEW 60-99 hrs) to $0.50/hr (100-149 hrs)

Flexible Tiered Rebate from $0.55/hr (150-179 hrs) to $0.65/hr (180-209 hrs)

Career Tiered Rebate from $0.70/hr + $10 medisave (210-279 hrs) to $0.90/hr + $10 medisave (280 hrs and above)

Promotion (5)

Refer a friend and receive $25 incentives! No limits!

Your friend will be able to receive these benefits as well!

- New Taxishare partner will enjoy free $50* with a top up of his first $1

- New Taxishare partner using your referral link to register will receive $25 (you will receive $25 too!)

- New Taxishare partner (including yourself) will not be required with Security Deposit of $100 at the moment as it is temporary waived till further notice.

Promotion (6)

AER Promotion

- Enjoy maximum cap at $10 / booking!

- Drive with a peace of mind.


- Cleaning fee of $0.40/hr will be included in your bookings with a maximum cap of $6

(Full session includes an exterior car wash and interior vacuum service worth $11.

*Limited to 1 cleaning session per booking and may choose to wash, vacuum or both.

No payment is required at the cleaning kiosks.

New Posts
  • Drive off with exclusive treats at Esso from 10 October to 31 December 2018! Simply pump a minimum of $30 worth of Synergy fuels at any of the Esso stations from 10 October to 31 December 2018 and enjoy these exclusive treats:
  • Refer a friend to join SMRT Taxis Full Time Hirer scheme and receive $888* Credits / Cash (via Giro)! Open to all Taxishare driver with Terms & Conditions. Terms & Conditions: - Not applicable to New TDVL holders / Vocational licence less than 3 months from issuance. - Not applicable to current SMRT Relief upgrade/ Sponsored scheme / Re-join (less than 3 months). - And others (kindly fill up the form at Here or visit our '' Register Your Interest '' for more info. - Promotion is valid from 10 October to 31st October 2018 only. - Others as stated in the agreement (To be shared upon form filling). Remarks: - Recommender (to receive $888) will receive ''Credits'' payout to their Taxishare E-wallet by scheduled (rental generated dates from the new hirer) pay-out. - Credits credited into the E-wallet under the referral scheme is tied to ''One Month Validity Period''. - If Recommender is currently a SMRT Hirer/Relief and is also our SMRT Taxishare driver, he/she will receive $888 in ''Cash'' via giro under scheduled (rental generated dates from the new hirer) pay-out. - Others as stated in the agreement (To be shared upon form filling). ***Promotions is open for all Taxishare partners to be introducer from 10 October to 31 October 2018 only.
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