New Red Switch? :O

Now for those who are unaware, we do have our very own private space - SMRT Taxi Share Facebook group. If you are one of our very own Taxishare member, you should be joining this exclusive group at here |

You get exclusive news, updates, tutorials and even tips in the group so join that group today! Following up, we have installed a wonderful tool - Power Saving Red Switch in our Taxishare vehicles. These switch enables power savings from power hungry devices like the MDT / Payment terminal and etc. There's some rules and steps to follow before you can start using the power hungry devices. So how do we do that? It's simple, trust me. Just watch the video tutorial below.

To start, remember to switch on the Red Switch, take the key from the glove compartment, step brake and place the key at the power on button in the Prius. Ta dah! You got it!

It's really simple! Don't forget to place the keys back and switch off the power saving switch else reminder will be send to you and multiple reminders results in penalties.

Enjoy your trip!


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